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444 Days as Hostages

Trudeau bungling relations with China

While begging for UN seat: Gladu

February 27, 2020 (Toronto) — As the Toronto Sun reports today, February 26 marked the 444th day Canada’s “Two Michaels” have been held hostage by the Chinese government.

“Trudeau’s idea of ‘foreign relations’ consists of flying around the world, giving money to nations that don’t necessarily share our values. And for what?” asks Sarnia-Lambton MP Marilyn Gladu, candidate for leadership of the PC Party.

“Canadians Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor remain hostage in China. Justin Trudeau and his Liberals have lost the moral authority to govern in the interests of all Canadians.”

“We need to re-strengthen the positions and the relationships that have been damaged under Justin Trudeau. The diplomatic channels with China should have been opened up much sooner; it was a mistake to wait a year without an ambassador when things were tense.

“In a situation such as now, when we have an opportunity to help China with the Coronavirus, we need to work with them.  I hope we are negotiating for the Two Michaels at the same time. China will appreciate us when we are strong,” says Gladu.

“We need a leader here that will respect and protect the interests of Canadians. We have not seen that in Justin Trudeau.  If I am elected Conservative leader my first act will be to call upon the Conservatives and other opposition parties to join with us to bring down this government and allow Canadians to elect a government that will work in their best interests.”

Gladu is asking Canadians to sign this petition calling upon Conservatives and opposition parties to vote “No Confidence” in Justin Trudeau.


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