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Letter to LEOC – Delay Leadership Campaign

Email to: Dan Nowlan, Co-Chair, LEOC

Lisa Raitt, Co-Chair, LEOC

Derek Vanstone, CRO

March 24, 2020

Dear Dan, Lisa, and Derek:

We are writing today to express our dismay at the inadequate response of the CPC Leadership Election Organizing Committee to the individual petitions of leadership candidates, who are requesting that the timeline for the Leadership race be delayed as Canadians deal with the outbreak of pandemic Covid-19.

The LEOC’s lack of an acceptable response to individual candidates has therefore necessitated this unified request.

Candidates Marilyn Gladu, Rudy Husny, and Derek Sloan agree with this statement, and together are calling upon the CPC to delay the leadership race.

We feel strongly that the political and national security environment has shifted so radically since the launch of the campaign that the original dates and requirements are not only unachievable, but inappropriate and inconsiderate of Canadians who are faced with family health concerns and economic uncertainty.

While dealing with current family and financial considerations are the highest priority for Canadians at present, we as Conservative leadership candidates, together with our campaign teams and supporters are equally concerned that the eventual leader of our party be accurately perceived as their true, legitimate and democratically elected choice. The leader selected to run against Justin Trudeau and his Liberal Party will require the faith and goodwill of millions of Conservative Party members, a scenario not supported by the current situation.

Therefore, we calling upon the CPC Leadership committee to:

  • Delay the Conservative leadership contest;
  • Consider combining the autumn policy convention with the Leadership announcement if it is possible to do so at that time;
  • Adjust the membership deadline to the required 60 days in advance of the new leadership date.
  • Cut “fees” in half in light of the restraints this pandemic has had on fundraising; this includes refunding the difference to the campaigns that have already paid the full amount. 


Marilyn Gladu

Rudy Husny

Derek Sloan


For more information contact

Rita Smith 647 242 5505

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Statement: CPC Leadership Campaign

March 19, 2020 (Sarnia) – It is with sadness and disappointment that I read the statement issued by Rudy Husny earlier this morning.

Mr. Husny, like me, is a candidate for the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada. Like me, he feels it is inappropriate and inconsiderate to be contacting Canadians at this time to ask for their time, money and especially their attention as our nation works to cope with the current Covid-19 outbreak.

Personally, I am already on the record explaining at some length that I believe it is time for Conservatives to shed the image of being cold, uncaring, selfish and unconcerned about the well-being of Canadians.

I fear that the Conservative Party’s absolute refusal to suspend the leadership race even in the face of directives from the Public Health Agency of Canada not to gather in groups and to maximize social distance  ignores the fact that a state of emergency has been declared, that Canadians are focused on the pandemic and the failing economy, NOT on the Conservative Leadership race.

My campaign has met all the required benchmarks to date, and we look forward to continuing towards the requirements for both signatures and money. However, given the current pandemic, achieving these goals is more difficult if not impossible.

There is no reason that this leadership race could not be delayed until the pandemic is resolved. There is no reason to insist upon clinging to deadlines which were arbitrarily set before Covid-19 became an issue in Canada.

Like Mr. Husny, I am willing to keep working to meet upcoming benchmarks; however, if the Conservative Party chooses to disqualify me on March 25th because I refuse to impose upon Canadians working to ensure the health and safety of their loved ones, I will accept their decision with resignation and disappointment. 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported me though volunteer work, financial donation or signatures of support.

I wish all Canadians well as they keep their attention focused on where it ought to be: their families, and the well-being of their communities.

Marilyn Gladu


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Commending Canada’s Banks for helpful actions

Today, I commend Canada’s six largest banks for offering to  provide financial relief to Canadians impacted by the economic consequences of COVID-19.

Effective immediately, Bank of Montreal, CIBC, National Bank of Canada, RBC Royal Bank, Scotiabank and TD Bank have made a commitment to work with personal and small business banking customers on a case-by-case basis to provide flexible solutions to help them manage through challenges such as pay disruption due to COVID-19; childcare disruption due to school closures; or those facing illness from COVID-19.

This support will include up to a six-month payment deferral for mortgages, and the opportunity for relief on other credit products.

Individual Canadians or business owners facing hardship are encouraged to contact their bank directly to discuss options that could be available to them.


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Statement: 2020 Campaign schedule should be amended

(March 15, 2020, 10:45am) “I am disappointed in the apparent decision of the Conservative Party of Canada’s Leadership Election Organization Committee (LEOC) with respect to the Covid-19 pandemic, and their refusal to amend the 2020 leadership election schedule to address the new reality of the pandemic: that the kind of public gatherings needed to obtain signatures and funding are all cancelled until the end of March at the earliest. 

The Public Health Agency of Canada has made important recommendations regarding social distancing as our nation works to reduce exposure to the virus in order to control infection. The LEOC is wrong to ignore the impact of these. Canadians are appropriately focused now on the health and safety of their families and communities; there will be more than sufficient time to engage them in an effective Leadership campaign when the immediate threat of pandemic Covid-19 has been eliminated.

As even schools and long term care facilities are suspended until April, I again call on the party to show that they are not without social compassion and to extend the requirements to be on the ballot, to make leadership debates live stream only and to continue to monitor and adjust as Covid-19 management continues.

Today I suggest all members of the Conservative Party of Canada contact members of the LEOC to encourage them to amend the Leadership campaign schedule in light of this current reality.

Please visit the CPC website here; type ‘Other’ in the Issue Area, and send a message in the Message Area telling the LEOC they should amend the Leadership Schedule. “

–Marilyn Gladu

LEOC members are:

The Honourable Lisa Raitt/Ontario

Dan Nowlan/Ontario

Valerie Assouline/Québec

Shir Barzilay/Ontario

Jai Bhatti/Ontario

Lois Brown/Ontario

David Connelly/Northwest Territories

Tanya Corbet/British Columbia/

Steven Dollansky/Alberta

Hon. Diane Finley, MP/Ontario

Marc-Olivier Fortin/Québec

Senator Linda Frum/Ontario

Marie-Josée Guérette/Québec

Scott Lamb/British Columbia

Sam Magnus/Alberta

Judy Manning/Newfoundland and Labrador

Senator Don Plett/Manitoba

Kevin Price/New Brunswick


For information contact

Rita Smith 647 242 5505

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Statement March 13, 2020

Statement by Marilyn Gladu on request to suspend Conservative Leadership race

March 13, 2020 (Sarnia) – On March 12, Conservative Party Leadership candidate Rudy Husny officially requested that the leadership contest be suspended until after the Coronavirus situation has been dealt with.

Today, Sarnia-Lambton MP and leadership candidate Marilyn Gladu expressed her support for this request.

“Canadians’ attention is elsewhere right now, which is as it should be,” says Gladu. “Parliament has been suspended, and citizens are most concerned with dealing with safely managing life logistics for themselves, their families, their communities and their businesses.

“Now is not the time for leaders to divide the country. Now is the time for us to pull together as Canadians in support of important work being done. There will be ample time for debate and competition when the immediate challenges have been safely and effectively handled.”


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Rita Smith 647 242 5505

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End foreign interference

March 12, 2020 (Toronto) – Interference in Canada’s democracy through foreign election spending and influence by foreign intelligence agencies is a real concern and needs to be addressed quickly, says Marilyn Gladu.

“First, Elections Canada Commissioner Yves Cote went on record expressing concern that foreign actors in our elections may have actually affected outcomes,” Gladu said today.

“Now, a senate committee investigating foreign interference in Canada’s domestic affairs is indicating this interference ‘represents a significant and growing risk’ to Canadians’ rights and the country’s sovereignty,” says Gladu, referring to the report of the National Security and Intelligence Committee of Parliamentarians which was apparently leaked to media today.

“Whether we are talking about foreign intelligence agencies or activists funded with foreign money, both have real and serious potential to affect Canada’s democracy.”

Gladu is calling upon Senators to quickly re-introduce a Bill intended to close the loophole on foreign election spending and then allow it to move on quickly to debate.

A Bill, “An Act to amend the Canada Elections Act (eliminating foreign funding)” was introduced by Senator Linda Frum and was identified as S-239 last session, but it died on the order paper at the 2019 election.

 “American lobby groups funnelling cash into astroturf campaigns to mislead voters in Canada is real; it’s happening now. Bill S-239 proposed to closing some of the loopholes allowing this money to be spent on Canadian elections.

Gladu points out that during the recent railway blockades, First Nations MLA Ellis Ross was very public about the harm foreign funding of astroturf protests and campaigns is doing to indigenous communities and young people.

“This has to stop,” she says.


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Rita Smith 647 242 5505

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Statement: International Women’s Day, 2020

Women who enjoy positions of power have a significant responsibility to women who live in more vulnerable and precarious situations.

As Canadians celebrate International Women’s Day, we can be justifiably proud of the advances our nation in terms of equality of opportunity for women, including economic security.

Unfortunately, in Canada and around the globe, women have not enjoyed the same advances when it comes to physical security, safety, and escape from violence and abuse. In fact, statistics tracked over the decades show that while women’s workforce participation and incomes are steadily advancing, incidents of violence and murder have not been been reduced at all, despite focused attention through events like the inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls.

So looking forward beyond 2020, we hope to see improvements in women’s economic realities; but we absolutely MUST work to improve women’s physical safety and security.

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444 Days as Hostages

Trudeau bungling relations with China

While begging for UN seat: Gladu

February 27, 2020 (Toronto) — As the Toronto Sun reports today, February 26 marked the 444th day Canada’s “Two Michaels” have been held hostage by the Chinese government.

“Trudeau’s idea of ‘foreign relations’ consists of flying around the world, giving money to nations that don’t necessarily share our values. And for what?” asks Sarnia-Lambton MP Marilyn Gladu, candidate for leadership of the PC Party.

“Canadians Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor remain hostage in China. Justin Trudeau and his Liberals have lost the moral authority to govern in the interests of all Canadians.”

“We need to re-strengthen the positions and the relationships that have been damaged under Justin Trudeau. The diplomatic channels with China should have been opened up much sooner; it was a mistake to wait a year without an ambassador when things were tense.

“In a situation such as now, when we have an opportunity to help China with the Coronavirus, we need to work with them.  I hope we are negotiating for the Two Michaels at the same time. China will appreciate us when we are strong,” says Gladu.

“We need a leader here that will respect and protect the interests of Canadians. We have not seen that in Justin Trudeau.  If I am elected Conservative leader my first act will be to call upon the Conservatives and other opposition parties to join with us to bring down this government and allow Canadians to elect a government that will work in their best interests.”

Gladu is asking Canadians to sign this petition calling upon Conservatives and opposition parties to vote “No Confidence” in Justin Trudeau.


For more information, contact

Rita Smith at 647 242 5505

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Statement Teck Mine


Marilyn Gladu comments on Teck Mine cancellation:

Calls for new government elections

February 23, 2020 (Toronto) – “Justin Trudeau and his Liberals have lost the authority to govern in the interests of all Canadians. They are destroying Canada and decimating our economy,” says Marilyn Gladu, candidate for leadership of the Conservative Party.

“The fact that Teck Resources has publicly announced that it is pulling its application for a $20 billion Frontier oil sands project is further proof that Trudeau cannot or will not fight for Canada and Canadian jobs.

“Therefore, if I am elected Conservative leader my first act will be to call upon other opposition parties to join with us to bring down this government and allow Canadians to elect a government that will work in their best interests.”

Gladu, who worked as an engineer in the oil and gas industry for 32 years, is very familiar with the resource sector which provides for so much of Canada’s prosperity.

“In its letter to Minister Jonathan Wilkinson, Teck makes specific reference to the significance societal concerns around energy development, climate change and Indigenous rights, all areas in which Trudeau is failing spectacularly,” Gladu points out.

“Albertans are losing their homes and their businesses while our Prime Minister flies around the globe, giving our tax dollars away to nations with which we do not share important values.

“It is time for Canada to get on with building pipelines to both the east and west coasts, and ending its dependence on oil from Venezuela and Saudi Arabia.”

Gladu is flying west to Edmonton on February 24th to attend events with Premier Jason Kenney, where she will make further comment.


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647 242 5505