Coverage of Marilyn

Coverage of Marilyn

In the Sun on March 7th – click the link below to read.

“No Confidence” in Trudeau

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Statement Teck Mine


Marilyn Gladu comments on Teck Mine cancellation:

Calls for new government elections

February 23, 2020 (Toronto) – “Justin Trudeau and his Liberals have lost the authority to govern in the interests of all Canadians. They are destroying Canada and decimating our economy,” says Marilyn Gladu, candidate for leadership of the Conservative Party.

“The fact that Teck Resources has publicly announced that it is pulling its application for a $20 billion Frontier oil sands project is further proof that Trudeau cannot or will not fight for Canada and Canadian jobs.

“Therefore, if I am elected Conservative leader my first act will be to call upon other opposition parties to join with us to bring down this government and allow Canadians to elect a government that will work in their best interests.”

Gladu, who worked as an engineer in the oil and gas industry for 32 years, is very familiar with the resource sector which provides for so much of Canada’s prosperity.

“In its letter to Minister Jonathan Wilkinson, Teck makes specific reference to the significance societal concerns around energy development, climate change and Indigenous rights, all areas in which Trudeau is failing spectacularly,” Gladu points out.

“Albertans are losing their homes and their businesses while our Prime Minister flies around the globe, giving our tax dollars away to nations with which we do not share important values.

“It is time for Canada to get on with building pipelines to both the east and west coasts, and ending its dependence on oil from Venezuela and Saudi Arabia.”

Gladu is flying west to Edmonton on February 24th to attend events with Premier Jason Kenney, where she will make further comment.


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